NDB exhaust hood

Heat and fume exhaust hood without filters

  • Effectively captures and heat and fume
  • Used above light duty ovens or dishwashing areas

NDB hood is designed to extract heat and fumes only. It does not have filters or condensing plates, thus it is not recommended for kitchen environments with excessive amounts of grease particles and steam. Only used in light duty areas.


Exhaust hoods are constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel. AISI 430 version is also available. Exhaust hoods come fully assembled.

Standard exhaust hood dimensions:

Length – 1000 mm – 2000 mm (longer hoods assembled from multiple modules)
Depth – 700 mm – 1200 mm
Height – 480 mm

Length and depth are flexible and hoods are available in 10 mm increments


Standard Features and Accessories


Optional Accessories


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